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Premi e riconoscimenti Mastrorilli
Premi e riconoscimenti Mastrorilli


Year 2020

Como - Italy

Marco Mastrorilli and Raffaella Maniero, winners in the "Fiction" section

Genre: Popular science

with the book"The Kidnapped Flight"

Noctuabook 2020 edition

Premi e riconoscimenti Mastrorilli

world owl

Hall of Fame

Year 2015 - Houston - Minnesota USA

Marco Mastrorilli in 2015 in Minnesota was awarded by the Global Owl Project with the Special Award as the best owl expert in the world for that year and became part, the only Italian, of the prestigious World Owl Hall of Fame

Special Achievement Award: Marco Mastrorilli, Italy

Marco Mastrorilli believes that research is necessary in order to protect owls, but it is equally important to teach and inspire the general public about owls so people are willing to invest in conservation.

Premio in America nel 2015
Premio Parco Majella

literary prize

majella park

Year 2015 - Abbateggio - Majella Park - Italy

Marco Mastrorilli is awarded the Parco Majella Prize 2015, essay section con il book “Cats and Owls”, included in the trio of winners of the 2015 Parco Majella Award, the prize par excellence for green pens, or for all those who write about Nature.

International literary prize A. Filoteo omodei 

Year 2016 - Verzella (Catania) Sicily 

Marco Mastrorilli in July 206 received in Sicily in Verzella (CT)

the Special Prize "Antonio Filoteo Omodei" in the section "Book published - Essay" for the work "Cats and Owls" 

Taken from the motivation of the award 

" Marco Mastrorilli takes us into two universes that are apparently dissimilar, but really intricate with each other: that of cats and that of owls. [...]" 

premio internazionale per il libro gatti e gufi
Premio Fiabastrocca 2016




fairy tale 

October 2016  - Naples  -  - Italy

On 6 October 2016 Marco Mastrorilli and Stefania Montanino were awarded the Fiabastrocca National Literary Award section. B Book published for children:

Culture Award for Best Childhood Story  a Marco Mastrorilli and Stefania Montanino with “The Adventures of Sebastiano”


April 2019  - Naples  -   - Italy

During 2019, another international literary award was presented in Naples in April 2019 to Marco Mastrorilli and Stefano Torriani for a book that was born from a deep and sincere friendship. _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Stefano's amazing plates illustrated the stories of Marco Mastrorilli's nocturnal adventures. 

Goldens Books Awards Special Prize 2019 

Mention High Narrative Merit 

premio Dickens Books Awards 2019
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