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why owls

Since I was a child I have always had an unbridled passion for animals, especially wildlife.

When I was between 8 and 12 I loved animals so much that at home, my friends often sat in front of me and I gave little lessons on what I had read in books that I devoured as soon as I had a minute of free time. They listened enraptured, in silence and I was happy because I was able to share with them the secrets that would mark my future life.

In particular I adored the books in a series published by Malipiero entitledKnow the animals, which also allowed me to frame their distribution and even habitats. They were truly illuminating books, especially the one from South America which was the most widely consumed because I loved the jaguar more than any other animal. 

The age of adolescence arrived, dominated by my shyness, in which all my attentions were directed to my motorbike and football.


Owls came into my life when I was 20 years old and just got married.

I attended a course in Milan on birds of prey, of which only one of the 5 lessons concerned iOwls: it was love at first sight and from that day on I began to explore the fascinating world of creatures of the night.

They are mysterious animals, which evoke emotions that are difficult to describe e this passion is so strong that I have never stopped following them, studying them and disseminating knowledge even for a year. 


At the age of 21 I became provincial delegate of theLIPU of Bergamo, at that time I learned a lot about birds of prey by launching my first group census: il Progetto Strigiformes City of Bergamo. Dozens of boys mi followed in adventurous night outings, some even between 2 and 6 in the morning! 

I began to participate in national and international conferences, publishing many articles for scientific journals, almost always the theme was owls. 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

I collaborated with theWWFof Crema and the centerCRAS Castelleone(now provincial), with theLe Foppe Oasis

In 1999 I published my first booklet, linked to a project carried out in the municipality where I lived dedicated to the birds of Boltiere, in the Bergamo area. 


I wrote my first book on nocturnal birds of prey when I was 38: "The owl in Italy” and from that moment changed something in my life. 

Gradually I realized that for me, disclosure was more important than just scientific research. So, even though I still haven't abandoned research today, also following university theses, my life is increasingly dedicated to the world of dissemination.

I have always continued to cultivate this passion for owls, until the day when, in 2011, from a pastime it turned into a job. And here a dream came true, after so much effort, effort, dedication and thanks to the help of my current partner Stefania, I created a company, theNoctua, which has allowed me to reach even more prestigious goals. Still, together with my partnerAlice Cipriani, biologist, naturalist, writer and environmental guide, e aStephanie Montanino, my partner with whom I share life and work 24/7, laNoctuadeals with animals and the environment, organizes big events and... we never stop.

In 2015, with great emotion and satisfaction, I was awarded in America, in Houston, Minnesota, as the best world expert on owls, officially entering theWorld Owl Hall Of Fame.


Over time I have lost that thirst for discovery, that curiosity that every day of the year animates my desire to read to learn something new. I love to continually in the game to improve, compare myself with friends and people I meet on my way.

It's a great privilege to work doing what you dreamed of as a child: one of the most beautiful gifts life has given me.

Perchè gufi
Owl Watching Experience

Owl Watching 


In retrospect, it's really curious to note that when I first started dealing with owls, no one was doing public night outings. Today they have become more popular thanks also to an intuition that I had in 2001 when I brought the event from FranceEuropean night of the owl becoming the official organizer in Italy.

Today it has become a fixture for thousands of people throughout the boot, every two years during March. 

But when I started, unfortunately the owls didn't seem like anyone, or almost!


Digging back in my memory, I can reveal that in my life I have done over 1500 night outings, both public and private, so much so that I coined the termowl watching,citing it for the first time in my book. 

In over 30 years of activity I have had the privilege of accompanying and sharing my nocturnal emotions with over 15,000 people.

For aEnvironmental Guide AIGAElike me it is a great pleasure and honor to involve more and more people as I believe that this type of encounter with nocturnal birds of prey is by far the most engaging and exciting tool for making these fantastic creatures of the night. 

Io scrittore

I writer

Another my  great love is represented by books, as object, tool and symbol.NoI never stopped writing when I arrived a publish a couple at least every year, up to create the house editriceNoctua Bookin 2017.
My books can be purchased on the website and on Amazon.
I find
Owl storyteller e Web writer

Owl storyteller E

web writers

During my career as a naturalist I have had the opportunity to write and publish hundreds of articles and pieces for newspapers, blogs, nature magazines, magazines as well as writing books.
I love nature, I adore owls and all nocturnal birds of prey and over the years I have strengthened my belief that disclosure is the best tool to raise public awareness.
Looking back on my collaborations, undoubtedly numerous, I realize that time passes but it is with pleasure that I remember collaborations with editorial offices from all over Europe.
I like writing, I learn something new every day and I like to think that someone reads what I write because what I communicate is good for nature!
I have collaborated with: Airone, Oasis, Trekking Magazine, Travel Italy, Marie Claire, Sette Corriere della Sera, Friday of the Republic, Focus, Focus Wild, Gardenia, La Stampa, L' Echo of Bergamo, Bergamo seven, Weekly Bergamo, The Journal of Lodi, The Chronicle of Piacenza, Freedom, Brianze, Bergamo land, Birdwatching notebooks, the Day, Touring Junior, Applying Apple magazine, Asferico, True Chronicle.
There are many online collaborations with blogs and portals. Among these we point out Owl pages, Blog Natura, Ebn Italia QB.
Rubriche Mon amour

mon amour columns

Who knows who remembers the TV series 80s "The Bradford family", era la storia di Tom Bradford, giornalista, padre  e casalingo, torturato dalle vicende di ben 8 young and old children who often combined disasters! Well, like many kids of the time, I grew up watching this American series on TV  literally enraptured by the profession of a journalist dad. Tom Bradford, in fact, kept a regular column in the local newspaper and lived as a columnist, a sort of early blogger of the printed media. Since I was a kid this was my dream.

Today for a living now I do theowlologistand I don't hide that I like it a lot, but for over 20 years I have had regular columns in magazines of various kinds, a bit like Tom Bradford!_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Among others, I wrote a column in the magazine Viaggia l'Italia, in Bergamo Sette, in the Bergamo Weekly, in the Trekking Magazine.

Today I take care of my column in the paper magazine NATURA entitledWings spread and I write several articles online su RIVISTANATURA.COM.

Are you curious?

Read some of my articles online on RIVISTANATURA.COM:

and many others!

Find them all online at the link REVIEW.COM

experience photography

My father photographed with an old Nikon FE2 and I started my adventure with a Minolta X300. 

From the models mentioned it is clear that we are talking about film cameras, I had even learned and loved black and white printing in my darkroom, built in the bathroom. How I would like to go back to printing. My story with the camera around my neck is even older than that of an "owlologist", I still remember when I eagerly shot with Fuji's beloved green background films, Provia, the legendary Velvia,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_and even if the world has changed since then, today even more than in the past, communication gives priority to the visual linked to storytelling and today this passion of mine is put at the service of my dissemination activity 'ethology of owls.

da lot of time has passed, since then, the world of photography has evolved considerably and I still cultivate this my passion collaborating_ 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_with newspapers, websites, portals and publishers. I have published over a thousand photos worldwide and am always open to collaborations, as well as producing high level photography exhibitions, with national and international sponsors.


My favorite themes are nature and travel reports. I love capturing landscapes, while, it will seem strange to you, nature photography of animals are not my favorites. I have lots of photography books, I love magnum exhibitions, I adore Cartier Bresson and Sebastiao Salgado who I consider to be the two greatest photographers of all time. A sometimes I think that if I hadn't had this great love for nature, who knows, maybe today I would take such kind of photos… 

A curious thought, many years ago, maybe we're talking about 1999 or 2000, a weekly that loved my way of photographing,  offered me a job as the magazine's official photographer.

I was still very young, I had two small children, I didn't have the courage to accept.

Who knows if I had accepted, what would have changed in my life? 


You can find some of my photos, of owls, but not only, in my page onPBASE: Marco_1967

Hundreds of my photos have appeared in many magazines, newspapers and books:

Airone, Focus, Focus Wild, Oasis, Nature, Piedmont Parks, Orobie, La Stampa, Corriere della Sera, Eco di Bergamo, Asferico,  Birds in nature, Trekking magazine, Aigae magazine, Il Giornale di Lodi, Sette Corriere della Sera and many others.

Experience Photography
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