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Marco Mastrorilli, studioso di rapaci notturni
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Marco Mastrorilli, studioso di rapaci notturni svolge conferenze in tutta Italia



Marco Mastrorilli
Ornithologist and nature photographer, specialized in the research and study of nocturnal birds of prey, for years he has been involved in safeguarding of "owls", as well as dissemination as it is
inspiring the general public who are able to invest in the conservation of wild species.

Born in Milan on December 29, 1967

Author of almost 500 popular and scientific articles and photographic services on behalf of numerous magazines, newspapers and periodicals (in Italy and abroad).

Over 700 photographs published worldwide.

Author of many books, documentaries on nocturnal birds of prey, on the environment ed altri animali, he is the winner of several literary awards. He carries out scientific research activities both in Italy and abroad, both in collaboration with naturalists, and with private and public bodies.


He participates as a speaker at scientific conferences in Italy and in Europe, in specialized courses and also in many conferences and screenings.

He participates in the creation of various publications and books in Italy and abroad.

He often appears on national television and radio broadcasts (RAI UNO MATTINA, RAI-SERENO VARIABILE, RAI-GEO & GEO; TG1, TG5). It organizes numerous events among which the Owl Festival represents an excellence among i grandi events related to nature.

Organizes and coordinates the European Night of the Owl in Italy. He conceived and organized Ladybug Day.

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